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Hands Behind the success

These products are brought to you from several women at the grassroots. They aspire to be active members of sustainable economy that can create a better planet for all. We source products made from Lantana which is widely present in the forests of Bandipura, Male Madeshwara betta ( MM Hills), Biligiri Rangana Betta ( BR Hills) and in other forests of Karnataka. The tribals living in the fringes of these forests have been using Lantana in the past decades for firewood and even to make simpler baskets. But now with the advance training, they are able to make better products that can be sold. Both men and women join hands right from cutting, carrying, boiling and making the final products. This is serving as their livelihood source too. Similarly, we bring you’re the products made across India using the locally available raw materials. Women have put in hard efforts to convert the waste into wealth that leaves behind no carbon footprints. Be part of the sustainable change by purchasing the products made by these women.

Rural women's

Groups of women were trained to make lantana crafts and furniture and they were given tools for the same.

This website will be an open platform to allow the women from across Karnataka to sell eco-friendly products. We now begin with Lantana, but we will later add products that are nature friendly and source of livelihood for women.

Legal Details

Vibhinna India Foundation is a Section 8 Company having PAN, TAN, Bank details, 12A, 80G, Darpan and CSR-1 form

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