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Vibhinna India Foundation: An Organization focusing on creating a sustainable planet for humans and the environment.  Our mission is to establish a harmonious co-existence that sustains every life form on the planet.

We are offering handmade products by rural working women around across India All products are made created using eco-friendly raw materials. By buying these products you will be supporting circular economy that offsets the carbon footprints at large.’

Our Vision

Enhancement of livelihood opportunities for the rural women that augments their standard of living and contributes to circular economy that offsets carbon footprints.

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Lantana sticks are hand-picked to suit the desired craft / furniture.
Sticks are boiled as a process of treatment and it helps them last longer free from pest attack.
Lantana sticks can be bent to suit the needs of the furniture designs and they will last over 25 plus years
Similarly we promote the use of raw materials such as straw, coconut palms, sticks, general weeds, fiber, banana dry leaves, hay etc that are accessible at the rural level which women can convert into sustainable products.

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Products are designed keeping various purposes in mind; chairs, sofa sets, tables, dust bins, wall hangers, bangle hanger, cloth hangers, pen/mobile holders and other designer that can be used for the sake of decorations. Hence, this serves as a livelihood option too

Our Products

Pen Stand

This is a handmade quality product which is specially designed to keep pens. This stand gives an authentic look to your living workplace.

Mobile Stand

This is a handmade quality product which is specially designed to keep a mobile phone. This stand gives an authentic look and protection to your smartphone.

Gift Basket

This is a Gift Basket specially designed to place any gifts on special occasions. This expresses our culture and traditions, also following environmental safety.

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